Links to Other Beadie Critter Sites

Many of the sites listed below offer additional beadie critter patterns. Other sites offer other kinds of crafts using beads. A few of the sites (listed at the bottom) have patterns or kits for sale.

Links to Sites with Beadie Critter Patterns

Danette's Designs Creative Minds Arts & Crafts--all kinds of crafts, and over 7,000 beadie patterns--cartoon characters and animals. This is a subscription site--you have to pay a fee to receive a password before you can access the patterns.

Eileens Favorite Camp Crafts has original Jewish religious designs, and designs of Kenny, Pikachu and Furby, and more.

Evelyn's Beadie Page--a collection of patterns by Evelyn McDermand: Cartoon Characters, Pokemon, Beanie Babies, Holidays, and more!

Jason's Beadie Page--a complete set of Pokemon patterns, animals, anime, cartoon characters, religious, holidays, steven series, Digimon, food, objects, and sports related beadies and more. All designed by Jason.

Lily's 60 different fashion doll beadies, made with mini pony beads. These include patterns for several fairy-tale characters and a new couture line. Her crafts section includes patterns for a few cartoon characters, and some cute holiday patterns. Also a few suncatcher patterns. Bonus--She's got bead backgrounds and graphics you can add to your own beadie pages.

Making Friends Lots of patterns--many for cartoon characters.
And, pony bead loom patterns for making a beadie display hanging, flag, dragon, beetle, happy face, sad face and mad face. Plus Bead Friendship Bracelets.

Planetpals is a site designed to make kids environmentally aware while having fun! They have a set of Itty Bitty Beadie Babies made to resemble the characters that inhabit the website.

Sly the Crafty Fox's Den--patterns for beadie lookalikes of beanie babies: Speedy, Lizzy and Hissy. The whole site is very cute! Note: This was a Geocities site and can now only be accessed via's WayBack Machine which preserves websites that have disappeared. Make sure to save any patterns you like, you never know when it may be gone for good!

Michaels Crafts website has a pattern for an Antarctic Penguin.

Craft Project Ideas has a few cute and simple Beadie Critter patterns (scroll down past the book).

Links to Other Popular Projects Involving Beads

Indian Headress--A popular request. This is on my site, but I don't include it in the pattern indices because it's not a pony bead project.

Commercial Sites

(these sites have something to sell to you)

Beadie Beauties. Another site where you can order 12 patterns. Her patterns are kind of different because they involve using a big wooden bead for the head. There is a free mermaid pattern there and the set of patterns to purchase ($5 + $2 shipping) includes a hula girl, an angel, witch, and more.

Pony Bead Critters and More! has a packet with 50 patterns for $5.95 + 1.95 shipping/handling.

Beaded Lizards for Sale--for $1.50 she will make a lizard for you, in the colors of your choice.

Need a lot of beads? Bolek's Craft Supplys has them for a good price. They also have over 70 colors in both regular 6x9mm and mini 4x7mm sizes, many that you won't be able to find in stores!


I finally ordered my own copies of the 2 Drew Wilkens books: Geckos and Other Bead Animals and Geckos 2: More Bead Animals. A lot of the patterns are familiar, but there are a few different ones. He has very nice step-by-step illustrated instructions for each pattern.

Hot Off the Press once had 3 books for the various size beads: #2196, Bead a Better Buddy; #2197, E-Bead Buddies; and #2198, Itty Bitty Beadie Buddies. All $6.50 each. Bead a Better Buddy is still available on the site; the other two are probably only available on ebay, as the company has changed focus now.

McCall's Creates currently has these books:

  • Beach Beadies (#126)--Surfer and surf board, lighthouse, mermaid, seagull, sun, sailboat and more!
  • Zany Zoo Beadies (#022)--adorable animals, many made using chenille bumps. Peacock, camel, panda, and more!
  • Jolly Beadies (#054)--more Christmas Beadies, and some beautiful snowflakes made with pony beads, other beads and chenille stems.
  • Boo-tiful Beadies (#102)--Halloween beadies
  • Big Beastie Beadies (#163)--jungle animals
  • Jingle Beadies (#286)--very cute Christmas beadies
  • Spring Beadies (#253)--spring & Easter designs

Again, these are no longer made, and probably only available on ebay.

Suzanne McNeill Design Originals has put out a whole series of new books, and all of them have very cute patterns in them. While some of the patterns are similar to those you can find elsewhere for free, I have found at least a few patterns in each book that were new to me. Most of the books are $3.99 but a couple of them are $6.99.

To see all their books and order them on-line, click here: Suzanne McNeill Design Originals

Grace Publications puts out several books:

  • Pony Bead Fun--Designer Angie Rogers has designed some cute critters for this book. Again, many of them are similar to ones you can get for free, but there are a couple of unique patterns. $6.99.
  • A "Way" with Pony Beads, by Jan Way.
  • Pony Bead Playtime--cute bendable critters, unusual method.
  • String It with Pony Beads--Holidays and Misc.

Once again these are all out of print. You may be able to purchase one or more of these at's bookstore. Otherwise, check ebay.